Testimonials from North LeValley Parents

1. Question: Why did you choose North LeValley School for your children?
Answer: Small size, more interaction with different ages of students, and more individual assistance from teachers.

Answer: North LeValley School has been a blessing for our family. We have seen our children excel in learning in ways we never dreamed possible. The teachers are very encouraging of the students to work hard and do their best.

2. Question: How do you feel about all day Kindergarten?
Answer: I think it is a wonderful thing. It prepares the children for first grade.

Answer: It gives students more learning time.

Answer: Love it!

Student Comments

Kindergarten *My favorite thing about school is making projects.
What I don’t like about school is homework.

*What I like best about school is learning about science.
I don’t like getting a sad face on papers.

1st Grade *I like science when we do projects.

*I like school because I can work with the teacher a lot.

2nd Grade *I like math best.

4th Grade  *The best thing I like about school is that my friends are there.

*I like math because it is fun.

5th Grade  *The best thing I like about school is art and music. What I don’t like about school is all the homework that piles up through the day.

*I really like school because we do a lot of fun projects in school and we go on field trips a lot also.
What I don’t like about school is when I have to do Social Studies. To me honestly it is boring.